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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Apply for a Mortgage?

Ready to get started on your mortgage loan application! We will make it simple for you! You can give us a call directly at (337) 267-8511 or start your application online. The application should take you less than 15 minutes! It is a quick loan application!

What is a Pre-Approval?

Preliminary determination that a borrower would qualify for a particular loan amount, at what rate, and what the terms look like under that lender’s guidelines based on income and credit information. The biggest advantage of pre-approval is that our borrowers will have an accurate idea of how much money they would have to work with, and this can help to target the home search and ensure you are only looking at houses that are truly in your price range.

What Documents do I need to get a Mortgage Pre- Approval?

Common documents include a current paystub, W2’s, tax returns, and copies of asset statements such as checking, savings, stocks, bonds, mutual funds or retirement accounts from all borrowers applying for a loan. We will also require a copy of any document or statement that will be utilized to borrow money – like a gift letter or a note forgiving a debt. We will also need a copy of driver license and social security card. See a full list of documents HERE    

Do I need a Realtor when shopping for a home?

Buying a home is typically the largest purchase of your life. As such, you should have an advocate on your side. Working with the right professionals in your real estate transaction is critical, and just as important as your lender. Your agent will be your advisor on what home to buy, determining an offer price, communicating with the seller's agent, verifying escrow, and reviewing title and disclosure reports for accuracy and compliance. Realtors are seasoned in the art of home buying as well as their market areas. A professional guide can keep you from making huge mistakes such as offering to much money or choosing the wrong house.

Do I need a home inspection on the home?

An appraisal is used to help establish the value of a piece of property. Home inspections will tell you what is right or wrong with the house, what to do to correct things, and how much it might cost.  Although a home inspection is not an inspection can bring to light potential or existing issues with a home before you get to deep into the process. This documented, professional opinion of a home is based on a visual evaluation and operational testing of the home’s systems and components to determine their current condition.

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