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Why do I HAVE to get Pre Approved for a Home Loan

October 18, 20221 min read

I don't want my credit pulled... can you just give me a Pre- Approval letter once I found the perfect house....


This is the NUMBER ONE mistake of potential home owners. I know that pulling credit can be scary and you don't want to do it un-necessarily. HOWEVER, if you are considering on purchasing a home in the next year you will want to speak to a Mortgage Loan Officer right away.

Check out some of my clients who experienced some Dream Home Heart Break:


  1. Improve your Credit- Credit Scores can vary between the three major credit bureaus and Credit Score is ONE of the most important parts of a mortgage approval. Seeking advice from a mortgage loan professional on what you can do to improve your score will not only allow you to qualify for different mortgage loan options it will also help improve your ability to get the best rate and lowest payment you qualify for!

  2. Financial Budget- Sometimes your heart is set on a particular home, but your wallet or monthly budget doesn't match! One of the jobs of a good mortgage loan officer is helping you with your monthly budget and helping you find a sweet spot for your monthly mortgage. We want you to love your house... and not hate your monthly payment!

  3. Unexpected Life- I always find that life throws us curve balls and sometimes the perfect home comes along when we least expect it! Starting your Pre-Approval for your mortgage will allow you to be prepared to make an offer when the right home comes along, even if it is the RIGHT time for it!

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